Thursday, May 2, 2013

有博客了~~Hi Everyone, welcome to my blog!

Hi Everyone, I'm 崔燕羚, Rachel, or Sparrow Antelope, which ever you like is fine ^ - ^

I am making this blog so that all of my people who I love so much can stay in touch with me during my big adventure to 中國,南京, Nanjing China. Its so far, hopefully this will help bridge the distance between us all.

I am also a part of the Chinese Flagship Cohort going to Nanjing University during Academic year 2013-14 and in preparing for my trip, I have found not a single blog, anecdote, funny story, or piece of advice from any previous Flagship students! There is a real need for that I think, so hopefully students later can take a look at my blog and get some insight on how their trip will be.

And also, I'd like to keep this blog as sort of a record for my own sake. This trip will be fun and important! I will take lots of pics and video and log what I am doing and thinking and that sort of thing. I used to like journaling, but handwriting stuff is practically a legacy technology now, typing is just so much faster. So anyways, here goes nothing! I hope everyone enjoys.


Sparrow Antelope.