Sunday, May 5, 2013

Let's Get Oriented/外國留學引導會議

Study Abroad Orientation was today... I had seen this presentation before, and being not so stoked to see it a second time, I was late. Had some good bus times with Will on the way over though:

Or mostly just me. Haha.

Anyways, when I finally made it, I found that it was more helpful that I had been anticipating. We mostly went over your plans and goals for study abroad and how to accomplish them, and then watched a few clips from Turistas and Taken to illustrate ways of how NOT to go about your study abroad year. Check out the cheesy cheesy trailer down below. I also got a sweet book called Maximizing Study Abroad: Students' Guide.  It looks pretty academic-y but its got checklists and strategies which are sort of useful, so I will probably cruz through that and let you know how it is. I got some good information from alumni of my program, and hooked up with some classmates too. And even David Wick from OIP was on his best behavior. So I would say it was pretty successful, not so painful. I shouldn't whine so much about these meeting type things.