Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Awesome and Hilarious Films!

Hi everyone! 好久不见了!

Lately I have been watching so many great chinese films, and they are SO FUNNY. If I was choosing a film for myself, I usually go for comedy, because I just want to laugh. But these films all seem to have a great mix of silly laughs and real moments.

The first one I saw was Let the Bullets Fly, 让子弹飞. It plays out like a western, the movie opening with a gang of bandits 贼 who kidnap the soon to be magistrate. The dialogue is quick and modern even in subtitles, has all the proper twists and turns of a regular Chinese tale, and is complete with names like Pockmark Zhang and Mr. Wolf.

The next one that I would recommend is called Lost on Journey (yes, the english title is that chilglishy!), the chinese is called 人在囧途。This one is a comedy about two men heading to Changsha during Chinese New Year and all the crazy things that happen. There are some really funny shots of holiday travel, often referred to as the Spring Migration 春运, which I hear is just out of control; you get a good snapshot of what its like. It also addresses some of the differences between rural people's and city people's lives. Of course this is definitely a comedy so do take it with a grain of salt. Very silly and fun. You can watch the whole thing on youtube (in chinese haha sorry). 

The latest one is called The Great Magician 大魔术师. It is really magical and fun, with a love story, political intrigue, and magic shows that are really fun to watch. The dialogue is straightforward and piercing, and the female lead is pretty much a badass!

Check them out, I hope you enjoy!