Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The coldest shower of all

So i'm going to tell you the story of the worst shower ever, which involves three funny and unrelated occurrences, and goes like this:

Most showers here have little tiny gas powered water heaters, not so much different that the water heaters in the states, save for the fact that these are like 1/5 the size, much smaller. Another funny thing about most showers here is that they all seem to include heat lamps, so that when you turn the shower off, you aren't freezing cold. Great idea! It really does help. But in my case, they heat lamp seems to run the same circuit as the electric fan, so if the ceiling fan isn't running, you can't use the heat lamp. And the last and final thing about showering is that in order to have a clean dry towel, you must launder and dry it (duh), except there are no electric clothes dryers here, and all your stuff must be hang-dryed. Some drying are inside, and some including mine are outside.

Now, these things are all part of a normal bathroom/shower situation, but recently all of these things seemed to take a turn for the worse, turning my shower into the worst shower ever. First, I like to take pretty hot showers, especially when it is cold outside; the problem is that it makes the hot water run out in just a few minutes, we're talking like 8 minutes if you're lucky. On top of that, the electric ceiling fan broke: no more heat lamp! Lastly, on one particularly windy day, I forgot to place a clip on the drying wrack to hold my towel in place. To my dismay, the next time I went to go look for my towel, it was hanging off the edge of someone else's drying rack two stories below me.

So cut to me, on a particularly cold night running to hot water up on high in the shower, conditioner in my hair, and suddenly the hot water just totally runs out, and there is no heat lamp or towel. I was SO unhappy, it was a pretty comical moment. It was so inconvenient, it was almost like I had never even considered how wonderful instant hot water is back in the states. Obviously I just bit the bullet and finished up, but it sucked! haha SO anyways, all my people who are stateside, go enjoy a hot shower and run your electric clothes dryer, and think of me and how jealous I am ;)