Friday, January 22, 2016

Swallow Antelope Officially Archived, Please Visit My New Site

Hi Everyone! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. As you may notice from the dates on my posts, it has been quite some time since I have last made an entry.

I have since graduated and cycled through several jobs, but my study of Chinese has remained constant. Learning a language is a lifelong endeavor. I believe that language is not something you accomplish, but something you practice.

Before I left for Nanjing, I scoured the web and found very little information on the Chinese Flagship Capstone Year. I was so scared and nervous, and not even the world wide web had any helpful information! So that was the original goal of this blog: to help future students learn about what they could expect with Capstone.

I originally meant to create a resource for Flagships students, but I didn't expect this blog to play such a profound role in my personal journey. Reading over some of these entries brings memories flooding back. I feel so glad to not only have been able to accomplish my original goal, but to also have a real time record of my personal experience.

Currently, I am working on my professional goals of becoming a Chinese>English translator. I have created a new website to share my professional experience. If you want to know more about what life is like after graduation with a foreign language degree, I welcome you to click the link below and to browse around.

Thanks for reading. If you are a current or past flagship student, I welcome you to get in touch to say hi or ask any questions. I always love to meet a fellow flagshipper or sinophile. Thanks so much for your support. With that, this site is officially archived!