Friday, June 14, 2013

I was on the Chinese news!!

KTSF came to my class a few weeks back and interviewed my teacher, classmates, and I about learning chinese, and why we had an interest in the language. Check out the clip online!

you can see me at the 3 minute mark! it is short, and I look funny but whatever.

As soon as I heard that it aired, my friend texted me and told me that she saw me on TV! I hadn't even told her to watch it! KTSF is a pretty popular news channel in the bay area, so it sounds like quite a few people saw it. Even a few of my co-workers saw it, too! hehe we are local celebrities :">

EDIT 7/2/13: It looks like the link above no longer links to the video! You can find them on Facebook now, as well as an additional segment!