Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sweet Video: Fresh off the Boat with Eddie Huang in Chengdu

I had an American friend ask me recently, in all sweet sincere honesty, "so, do Chinese people really eat Chinese food?" And the answer is a resounding yes!

I was cruising around youtube and stumbled upon this cool food series and thought I would share it. Eddie Huang and friends eat and hang out in Chengdu. They talk about some of the delicacies from Sichuan province, include Mapo Tofu, and various dishes that have rabbit in it.

I was actually just in Chengdu, and have some friends living there now, so it was cool to see it onscreen. They get some nice footage at the Panda Base and chit chat about modern Chinese life. Despite the overwhelming cool guy bro feel and Eddie's mediocre Chinese abilities, it was kind of a fun modern viewpoint, a nice antidote to all of the stories of unusual deaths and coal pollution that unendingly stream out of China.